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Halfway between Berlin and Hamburg you will find the Prignitz. At one time a narrow-guage railway connected the towns of Kyritz, Breddin, Glöwen, Havelberg, Perleberg and Pritzwalk. Situated at the center of this railway network was the Lindenberg junction.

The narrow-gauge railway provided the connection to normal, full sized railroads, connecting the Prignitz to the wider world. Primarily, argricultural goods were transported, but also a small passenger service was part of everyday business. After its opening in 1897 the railway experienced many high and low points until its closure in 1969 and 1971.

Our association has made a point of keeping the technology of the railway, tenderly called "Pollo" by the locals, alive and by doing so, we are preserving not only a long gone period of the railway history but also regional history. First, a museum opened in the village of Lindenberg. The focus of our association was an exhibition track with a few of the surviving and restored wagons. The idea of rebuilding a part of the old track was later proposed. In 2002 the first section between Mesendorf and Brünkendorf was re-opened. In 2004 the track was extended to the village of Vettin and since 2007 we run a periodic historic railway service to the former junction Lindenberg, which is a distance of nine kilometers. In service are mostly original wagons, as there once would have been on the Pollo railway. The highlight each year is the steam engine service around May, when original and occasionally other steam engines are in service.

Mesendorf Staff Gepäck

But also on normal service days, a ride with our more than 50 years old diesel engines is always an experience. Especially popular is our open-top wagon where you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Prignitz first hand. As well as a trip on our historic heritage railway, there are many other attractions in the Prignitz region.


The beauty of "Pollo".

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