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Pollo Pollo


Heritage railway Lindenberg - Mesendorf

You cannot turn back the clock, but sometimes we give it a try. We try to present an authentic narrow-gauge railway as best as possible, as it was once operating in the 1960s. Due to today´s regulations, the short route but also financial constraints, our possibilities are limited. A romantic ride on a railway, using technology that is partly more than one hundred years old is however still a unique experience. Also our special events like Easter and St. Nicholas for our young passengers or the operation of steam engines with many opportunities to videotape and take photos are hugely popular.

With this heritage railway, a jewel was created that is famous outside of the region. Our museum is officially included as a tourist destination for the region and now is one more reason to visit the Prignitz.

All days of operation 2017

  • April 14th-18th: Easter (special timetable)
  • May 20th/21st: trains hauled by steam engine (special timetable)
  • May 25th: Ascension Day, trains hauled by steam engine (special timetable)
  • May 26th: Steam freight trains for photographers and moviemakers (historical operation, no passenger transportation, special timetable)
  • May 27th/28th: trains hauled by steam engine (special timetable)
  • July 1st/2nd and 15th/16th
  • August 5th/6th and 19th/20th
  • September 2nd/3rd and 16th/17th
  • October 28th, 29th, 31st: autumn steam passenger trains
  • October 28th: Special evening train with torch hike and bonfire
  • October 30th: Steam freight trains for photographers and moviemakers (historical operation, no passenger transportation, special timetable)
  • December 9th/10th: St. Nicholas (special timetable)
Achtung Reisende!

Attention passengers, please note that punctuality is also up to 30 minutes before and after scheduled departure. Sometimes old signs say it differently, but the Pollo is always on time.


km train no. 1020 1022 1024
0.0 Mesendorf dep. 10:00 12:30 15:00
1.7 Klenzenhof (x) 10:06 12:36 15:06
4.0 Brünkendorf 10:20 12:50 15:20
7.8 Vettin (x) 10:34 13:04 15:34
9.0 Lindenberg arr. 10:38 13:08 15:38
km train no. 1021 1023 1025
9.0 Lindenberg dep. 11:30 14:00 16:30
7.8 Vettin (x) 11:34 14:04 16:34
4.0 Brünkendorf 11:51 14:21 16:51
1.7 Klenzenhof (x) 12:00 14:30 17:00
0.0 Mesendorf arr. 12:06 14:36 17:06

(x) Request stop, please inform the staff in time, if you want to leave the train

Standard Timetable

All trains are, if not marked differently, hauled by a diesel engine and 2nd class. The transport of luggage on board (buggies, bicycles etc) is possible, but space is limited. On events other timetables may be used.


Return journey: Lindenberg - Mesendorf and return (or vice versa)

Adult:9,00 €
Child1:5,00 €
Family ticket2:20,00 €

One way journey: Lindenberg - Mesendorf (or vice versa)

Adult:7,00 €
Child1:4,00 €

Short journey: Lindenberg - Brünkendorf, Brünkendorf - Mesendorf (or always vice versa)

Adult:4,00 €
Child1:3,00 €

Day ticket: valid on all trains on the day of purchase

Adult:22,00 €
Child1:10,00 €

Transport conditions as pdf-File
(only german)

By purchasing your ticket, you accept the transport conditions of Prignitzer Kleinbahnmuseums Lindenberg e. V. There can be other fares at events.

1 Children are people from 4 up to (including) 12 years of age.
Children under the age of 4 years are for free if they are in company of a paying person. There are no further allowances.
2 Valid for two parents and their children in 1. The family ticket is only available for the return journey.

Steam engine service causes a 1,00 € extra fare per ticket. Group allowances and family tickets are not valid on Easter and St. Nicholas. A group allowance is granted from 30 persons (only return journey). For every not reduced ticket there is a 0,50 € discount on entry fees for the Lindenberg railway museum. Bicycles are, independent of your ticket, charged with 1,00 € per bicycle and trip.

Gute Fahrt!

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